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Luento: Persian language and culture (free talk)

Joensuu | Kansalaisopisto, opistotalo, Papinkatu 3

A terrorist, Muslim country or a state rich in history, culture and ethnic diversity? Today’s popular opinion of Iran seems to be dominated by the image of a terrorist, highly religious country. But what about Iran and the Achaemenid Empire, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, the Cyrus Cylinder which is considered as the “first charter of human rights”, its about 18 different main ethnic groups, its rich language...? Join me in discovering the richness of the Iranian culture, history and language.

Opettaja: Farzaneh Kamali Finne

Opistotalo, Papinkatu 3, luokka 4109


  • ke 17.1. klo 18.30–20


Kansalaisopisto, opistotalo, Papinkatu 3



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